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Final de semestre
Hola gente hermosa cómo estan ustedes? Yo bien, mejor que otras veces, deseando que este blog funcionara mejor porque al hacer una entrada se ponen signos extraños que no van ): Pero bueno, estoy contenta! me fue bien en un examen, el último examen que me dieron de la Universidad de Biogeografía, por fin se acabó el semestre, expongo mañana y listo. Es un gran logro salir al fin, ahora habrá más tiempo libre para hacer lo que quiero! bailar, dibujar, pintar, esculpir sii! aprender cosas nuevas n_n Ya me voy, sólo quería escribir un poco! :)

Crooked Smile-repon

on my way around on my way round like a smile i know you keep way around dont frown dont frown

roy nelson
G4S Thugs Are Guilty Of Manslaughte

An excellent artice written by Frances Webber. Following the acquittal on 16 December of the G4S guards charged with the manslaughter of Jimmy Mubenga, IRR vice-chair Frances Webber focuses on the judge's decision to rule inadmissible evidence pointing to endemic racism within G4S. After the acquittal of the guards charged with Jimmy Mubenga's manslaughter, the judge told the jurors not to be concerned if they later read about evidence excluded from the trial. What should we make of this advice? On 16 December three G4S guards were acquitted of the manslaughter of Jimmy Mubenga, who died on 12 October 2010 under restraint on a plane during his deportation to Angola. Terrence Hughes, Colin Kaler and Stuart Tribelnig had been on trial at the Old Bailey for manslaughter by gross negligence, on the basis that they disregarded their duty of care by keeping Mubenga in a compressed position in his seat for over half an hour, ignoring his cries that he could... (more)

welcome tinydeal
Xiaomi Mi Band tracker smart dispositivi
i Recensione

Xiaomi è un grande nome, un grande nome in tutto il mondo, sono il terzo più grande produttore di telefonia al momento, dietro solo Apple e Samsung. Sono dalla Cina e con aziende come Oppo, OnePlus e Huawei si stanno iniziando a mostrare alle persone che non devono pagare il dollaro superiore per avere un fantastico dispositivo. Xiaomi hanno preso questo ethos e lo ha applicato a una vasta gamma di accessori mobili, come pure, il più interessante è il Xiaomi MiBand che è un dispositivo di tracciamento idoneità per meno di £ 25 (a seconda di come si ottiene uno). Il Mi Band assomiglia molto altro fascia di forma fisica in questi giorni, in quanto si adatta al polso e la gente puntare a questo e dire "che cosa è che". È un elastico con una serie di fori per il gancio metallico e un ciclo su un'estremità per tenere tutto insieme un po 'più sicuro che la semplice chiusura. Il centro della banda ha un grande taglio per il tracker. L'inseguitore reale è... (more)


Read James 5:7-9. Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. ... Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. James 5:7a, 8 My favorite Christmas cookies growing up were made of molasses and sugar. We called them "animal cookies" because we shaped them with animal-shaped cookie cutters. The worst part of making animal cookies is that once you mixed up the dough, it had to sit in the refrigerator overnight. Talk about a test of patience! As a child, impatience seemed to go hand in hand with Christmas. It seemed like that great, wonderful, magical day would never, ever come. There is a far greater day coming, however. It's that ultimate Christmas when Jesus Christ will return to this world with all His angels. He will raise all the dead and judge between those who believed during their earthly lives, and those who did not. For us who believe, Jesus will remove every source of evil, pain, and suffering as He renews His creation and... (more)

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